In your house, at your office, on your birthday, for your wedding, outside, inside, our place or yours, we’re there. Our restaurants offer a variety of catering options from plated to family-style and provide a wide variety of culinary styles from the classic French to authentic Greek. Our catering directors are here to help you create the perfect menu for your event and help you host any number of guests, from a few friends to a lot more.

Parizade is known as one of the leading Mediterranean restaurants in the Triangle, and our catering culture is no different. Carrying the same qualities off-site, we bring a captivating experience to any venue imaginable and honor the romance of any sizable celebration.

Working in line with Chef de Cuisine Robert Adams alongside Executive Chef Jason Lawless and an exceptionally skillful team, Parizade Catering remains to be a great success and retains a long line of repeat clients that include: Nasher Museum, ADF, DPAC, Duke Arts Council and the Full Frame Film Festival. In addition we have catered over 200 weddings in our venue alone. With a plethora of experience in corporate functions, fundraisers, galas, special occasions and ceremonies, our clients can rest assured that we will exceed expectation.

Our creative menus are creative for a reason, they are redesigned and reinvented constantly attuned to the variety of taste preferences and modern food trends today. As well as taste we promise to deliver with presentation for any style of event, extending any vision to any venue.

Joshua Weaver

Catering Director
(919) 286-9712

Organize the most special events with the most authentic Greek food. Kipos was inspired by childhood memories of owner, Giorgios Bakatsias. With simple, flavorful meals crafted from locally grown ingredients that vary with each season, this Franklin Street taverna offers customers an authentic Greek dining experience, complete with cafe and bakery, where friends and strangers gather to share thoughts, a glass of wine or two, raki, beer, and often Ouzo.

Kipos menu features Greek classics such as mousaka, lamb youvetsi and baklava, as well as signature items like handmade phyllo pies, youvarelakia and rabbit stifado. Mezzes (or small plates) meant to be shared, rotisserie cooked meats sourced from local farms, and slow cooked foods and vegetarian dishes made from the finest olive oils and ingredients are just a few of the unique cooking styles used. In your house at your office, on your birthday, for your wedding, outside, inside, our place or yours, we’re there!

Siobhan McCann

Catering Manager
(919) 425-0760

The City Kitchen family welcomes you with wholesome American fare prepared through simple, time-honored cooking methods such as roasting, braising, preserving and smoking. The CK team is dedicated to the experience through locally sourced high quality product delivered with a warm genuine smile.

Every plate, every meal, every dessert we’ve created is a reflection of the flavors and techniques found across America (and abroad) that have given us inspiration. With our own twist.

City Kitchen caters for any type of event, occasion and party environment: you can count on us to design the unique experience that you want, within the budget that you need. We offer a menu that you can customize to fit your group’s event with a variety of seasonal dishes and service styles. No special event is out of the question for us as we offer waitstaff, bartenders, rentals, and event consulting both in the restaurant and off-site.

Cassie Piercy

General Manager

Email Inquiries Here
(919) 928-8200

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