It’s not Monday, so it’s basically Friday

It’s not Monday, so it’s basically Friday

Stay happy and hydrated with a variety of fruit-infused waters that you can make yourself.  Local 22-style, gather your favorite fruits, roots, and leaves from your local farmer’s market or grocery.  In a large carafe or pitcher, fill to your liking with your choice combination of fruits and water. Place in the fridge before you go to sleep to let the fruits infuse and work their magic overnight. The next morning wake up to a deliciously refreshing, yet simple drink to get you going and awaken your senses.


  • orange + lemon + ginger root
  • strawberry + fresh mint
  • peach + watermelon
  • kiwi + raspberry + blueberry
  • fresh mint + lavender + lime
  • blackberry + rosemary

Feeling really Friday? Add fruit slices or leaves to your ice tray, let infuse and cool, then use as revitalizing ice cubes in your favorite cocktail.

Come by Local 22 for lunch and tell us about your hand-crafted goodness!

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